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League of Innovative Teachers

Committed to the technology that can optimize our practice and improve our student’s outcomes, Team Beta Classroom has over 150 extraordinary educators from across this nation who are committed to test-driving promising technologies. We help ed. tech. executives and entrepreneurs see their products from the teacher’s perspective. Beta Classroom is an online space where teachers can find beta technology and help the executives and entrepreneurs of ed. tech. make the programs that will optimize our practice and improve our students’ outcomes.


They want to help our students scale the difficult mountains we ascend each day; and we are committed to helping them understand what each step feels like.


This mission compels us to investigate the impact of the ed. tech. we bring into our classrooms. We are a league of innovative teachers and we’re on a mission to get technology into the hands of the most underserved students and help ed. tech. redefine the potential of public education. This mission compels us to investigate the impact of ed. tech. in our classrooms. We are actively seeking out the tools we need to evaluate its effects and catalyze breakthroughs in education, teaching and learning.

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