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Mobile learning that works both offline and online

Our company has a mobile learning product (the app is free) which enables students to download educational material to their devices while connected, which can later be accessed when offline. Students can even take quizzes, and play interactive learning exercises without being connected. Educators therefore don't have to worry about "dog ate my net connection" homework excuses, and parents don't pay anything additional to extend their kid's learning hours outside the classroom.


Submitted by vidya.v 2 years ago

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    2 years ago

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  1. It's true, as more and more software is cloud-based, we will need to make sure these apps work offline as well. The project I am working on, http://craniak.com, is cloud-based gamified learning and one the challenges for us will be making sure it works offline.

    2 years ago
  2. Online vs. Offline is a great debate. I think that when there is a common infrastructural this issue can be easily solved.

    2 years ago