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online curriculum

Courses for virtually every class should be online FIRST and remain available forever. This way students and teachers can always return to their materials, and the crucial step of organizing a course or class can take place in a collaborative environment--the Internet


Submitted by John_Crooks 2 years ago

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    2 years ago

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  1. John_Crooks Idea Submitter

    What do you think?

    2 years ago
  2. An online K12 curriculum resources is provided by www.etap.org Try free trial. eLearning &Test Prep

    Teachers use in classroom with interactive boards for instruction & test prep.

    Students use at home for supplement/alternative to textbook and test prep.

    2 years ago
  3. I agree with the forever part. I wrestle with two questions. Does this require "real name" authentication at all times, and does this silo the content into current & post classroom segments?

    2 years ago
  4. Hmmm... basically an online repository for course material and assessment history? Making it easier for teachers to refer back and build/tweak new course material.

    Leaving it up and making it public (but "anonymizing" student IDs) would open up a WORLD of awesome data-mining. IT could allow comparing what course material and presentation order works best for different subjects,. You could compare between different schools, regions, or teachers. All of this info would allow creating more effective curriculums in the future.

    It would allow more tracking and accountability for student effort and work quality as well, too. You could have many more data points than just letter grades to track progress.

    There is a LONG list of reasons why moving course materials online could be beneficial I guess. :)

    One project I am pursuing, http://craniak.com, is a platform for creating gamified online courses and textbooks. I am loving reading through this site to pick up benefits there might be for moving more of the education process online!

    Thanks, and cheers

    2 years ago
  5. This is something that I did in my third grade classroom. I used an open source LMS to maintain my curriculum and materials for the past eight years. I believe Common Core Standards will open many opportunities for national user resources. An OLR (Open Learning Repository) that contains OLM (Open Learning Modules) that are contributed and evaluated by teachers.

    2 years ago
  6. I disagree that courses should be online first and available forever. If these were accessible to everyone, I see some problems. First, some teachers keep a lot of material in their heads and stuff might get lost in the translation as it is put online. This is especially true when other teachers and students borrowing the material don't know enough about the subject to know what is missing. Second, a lot of material gets updated over time. I see people relying on the information and not understanding that it's inaccurate or out of date. Third, there needs to be some context associated with the material--e.g. what level is it at, is it for remedial, TAG, or toher students, etc. Fourth, work you create while you work for someone else may belong to your employer. Fifth, not everyone who creates curriculum wants the material in public for all to view or may want to charge for it. Everyone needs to remember that even when available, not all secondary sources are created equal.

    9 months ago