1:1 iPad deployment

To create a paperless learning environment, with a creativity tool and textbook tool combined, our campus has deployed 1:1 iPads for a pilot of 11th/12th graders/teachers. Documents can be exchanged paperlessly, students have built in access to movie creation, photo creation, project creation, and online textbooks, library materials, e-books, etc. can all be accessed from one very portable device. It has improved efficiency for teachers and students, reduced paper costs, sped up creative design process since tools readily available, and leveled the playing field among all students and staff. Teachers become learners, learners become teachers. The iPad is just a vehicle, but it's highly portable, quickly turns on, can be used standing, sitting, out in the field observing, home, school..... The transformative part will be in how they are used and how our pilot is implemented, more than the device itself; and the fact that it is 1:1.



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