Animated Curriculum -"Animate Me"

Bluffton Elementary School’s Animate Me program is the implementation of an additional avenue for students to demonstrate their understanding of their grade-level curriculum content through the use of visual arts in the area of animation. It serves as an ultimate in integrated technology across all content areas. The Animate Me program utilizes computer animation software and additional support products that have been purchased by the school through grant funds. Students use animation software to extend their learning by connecting classroom instruction, assignments and concepts with artistic capabilities. The Animate Me program differs from other programs in that it engages children as early as seven years old to use animation to support current, ongoing student learning. Engagement in the program extends typical visual arts programs through the use of drawing tablets and storyboards to support story building, visualization, sequencing, logical thinking, creativity and self-expression. Extension of our current arts curriculum is also possible through animation instruction and introductory application of timing, velocity and motion, as well as various techniques that include traditional 2-D animation. Animate Me also extends current measures of student assessment across the content areas. Through animation, students are able to demonstrate their understanding by the use of a visual illustration, as opposed to traditional paper and pencil activities. As an assessment tool, animation gives teachers of Bluffton Elementary School still another avenue for determining the level of a student's understanding of curriculum standards.



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