Literacy Through Photography

Literacy Through Photography (LTP), the educational component of FotoFest International (Houston, Texas), is a writing program designed to help classroom students achieve better communication skills through the use of digital or film-based photography.


FotoFest has combined with Tom Chambers at Raul Yzaguirre School For Success [Houston, Texas] and Harold Olejarz at Eisenhower Middle School [Wyckoff, New Jersey] to pursue a pilot program ... blog approach ... for LTP.


Students increase visual and verbal literacy while building cognitive thinking skills, self-esteem, and awareness of each other. The LTP curriculum provides students with meaningful subject matter to help them write about their own photographs, their own lives, with confidence.


The LTP Blog:


FotoFest International LTP:









Cross-Curriculum Ideas




Language Arts for enhanced writing and story telling.








Exhibition at FotoFest International LTP ... "FotoFence 2009" ... May 17, 2009. LTP blog presented as a PowerPoint presentation during the exhibition.



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