Panhandle Circle-square: Geometry and Real-world Applications

Using "Panhandle Circle-square" project at:


and other locations via Google Earth to study Geometry and make mathematical calculations as they relate to real world applications such as the farmers in the Texas Panhandle using square plots of land and circular irrigation of their crops to make a living. Their geometrical calculations are precise to be efficient with their livelihood.


Students use the "Panhandle Circle-square" project and other images in Google Earth to download the images, and bring them into Photoshop to make mathematical calculations. They will work with radius, diameter, circumference and area of the circle as well as the perimeter and area of a square. They will also work with sections [angularity] of the various circles seen within the images. Also, on-screen measurements can be taken as well.


The geometry and mathematical calculations of the squares, circles and sections will be equated with the real-world applications of the farmer. This real-world connection will move the students towards the realization that mathematical skills are needed, even in terms of something as agrarian as farming in the rural areas of Texas.



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