Using iBooks Author with a Middle School Math Classroom

My students are my district's pilot program for using iPads in the classroom. When Apple introduced iBooks author, I reinvented a project that I had assigned in the past and it turned out to be outstanding.


Using iBooks Author, I was able to have students each create a chapter of a book that was compiled and shared with the class and their parents. This technology enabled students to really bring mathematics to life. Widgets in iBooks Author allow Keynotes and video to be embedded in the pages, as well as options for photo galleries, interactive images, 3-D animations, and even review questions. Some of my students even wrote their own widgets to use in their chapter.


This project and new format allowed each student the opportunity to learn more about their classmates and appreciate their own work. Overall, I found my 8th grade students embraced the technology and really created an outstanding product.



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