Writing Of Web-based Children's Stories Through Acquisition of H

In keeping with the programming section of one of the chapters of the Grade 7 TEKS/TAKS Technology Applications textbook ... HTML or Web page building in this case ... the students will be using these acquired skills [source code writing] to incorporate stories for children as Web-based.


The story writing ... source code writing and practice implemented the previous week ... is based on children's books that target 2-, 3-, 4-year olds to teach this age group morals and values. The students have been tasked to write original stories that have a message, then move their stories into Web page format in combination with visuals/artwork and through linkage [page to page].


I've mentioned to all of the students that if we come up with some very good Web stories, their stories could possibly be used in day care and Pre-K at RYSS to convey their messages. Again, what happens in the classroom can transcend the assignment for consumption elsewhere.


One justification for this project is by writing these kinds of stories ... based on morals and values ... for young children, the process will also have an effect on the writers ... these seventh grade students ... to evaluate who they are and how they behave. Another justification is the fact that Web page building is vocational with children's stories ... other genre as well ... moving away from hard copy to digital presentation.


A good example of Web-based children's stories can be found at:



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