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Online Assessments

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In Maine, my school piloted a program that integrated professional development and assessments (both formative and summative) of high school reading comprehension and writing. It was the best thing to happen to my classroom.

The Professional Development piece, FineTune, helped me to better assess student writing. As a result when I used the summative assessments of Assessment21, I could focus on how my students were... more »


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Using English-based phonetics for literacy integration

Phonetics needs to be rebased in English, the lingua franca of the world to be more useful. The present international phonetics (IPA) and US dictionary keys are not user friendly because of special symbols. Not writeable That's why they are not used in schools for reading instruction, and not used in media or government publications. There is an answer. There is only one phonetic system in US English designed as a... more »


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